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Here, at Bookkeeping Brandon, FL, quality, and accuracy are not something that we overlook, these are what we are always working so hard to achieve and deliver on every single task entrusted to us. Everyone who is part of this family is committed to providing efficient and comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services, and in helping business owners establish their brands and boost their sales.


We cater to various bookkeeping needs of businesses across the globe, regardless of their size and niche. We only employ licensed and qualified accountants and bookkeepers. We continuously help them enhance their skills by enrolling them in short courses relevant to their areas of expertise. Additionally, we conduct regular coaching sessions and team collaborations to keep and boost their morale, commitment, dedication, and professionalism. We as well organize quarterly team-building activities and monthly team eat-outs to balance work and fun; the last thing we want is to generate inaccurate and incorrect outputs because our experts are too exhausted and stressed to handle new loads of data.

Brandon Accounting Tax Prep

How We Handle Accounting Tax Prep


Tax accounting is one of our specialties here, at Bookkeeping Brandon, FL. We perfectly understand the possible consequences of poorly prepared tax statements which is why we only allow our licensed tax accountants to handle any tax-related tasks. Furthermore, our tax preparation process undergoes three levels of validation before we send the papers to you, and before we file the forms to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


The First Level


Junior tax accountants handle the first level of our tax accounting process which primarily includes gathering all relevant data and entering all those into our database. They will as well input any applicable tax deductions. Our personally programmed software will then categorize all lodged information to reflect all taxable and non-taxable transactions or properties. After which, they will validate if everything has been itemized and categorized accordingly before signing off for the second level.


The Second Level


Senior tax accountants handle the second level. They first conduct a cross-reference test to confirm if all relevant transactions and properties have been included and if everything has been sorted out properly. Once validated, they generate a tax statement using the same software. They will then need to verify all reflected data before transferring those to their respective tax forms. 


The Third Level 


When the process reaches the third level, all necessary tax forms have already been filled out. At this stage, the tax accounting managers only need to validate if all fields have been answered, and if all of the client’s information is correct. The total amounts declared will also be confirmed by quickly verifying the details of the prepared tax statement. If no errors are detected, they submit all documents to the clients first, for approval, before filing those to the IRS.

Tax Prep


Why You Must Outsource Your Accounting Tax Needs 


With the rapid advancement of technologies, the number of business-related tasks that can be outsourced rapidly increases as well. We have started this business offering only basic bookkeeping needs, but with our burning passion and dedication to helping as many business owners and individuals as we can, we have expanded into catering to all possible bookkeeping and accounting needs.


Several studies have proved that delegating tasks to third-party vendors or firms, like Bookkeeping Brandon, FL, is more cost-effective and ideal. Of all these things, tax-related tasks should be on top of your list, and below are some reasons why.


To Mitigate Risks


By having virtual accountants handle your taxes, you avoid having incomplete and inaccurate information on your tax declarations. In-house accountants have the same accreditations and qualifications, but their services come with relatively higher costs. Plus, you get to free yourself from any responsibilities as virtual accountants are not technically your employees. As long as you settle your bills, there are no further strings attached.  


To Ensure Efficiency and Quality


Virtual bookkeeping and accounting firms dedicate all their time and effort to innovating and perfecting their systems and processes. We, at Bookkeeping Brandon, FL, solely focus our attention on performing such tasks; hence, you can rest assured that we are perfectly capable of completing these on your behalf with the highest quality possible. Also, not only do we deliver outputs accurately, but we also ensure we have everything sorted out before the set deadline. 


To Focus on Core Tasks


Tax preparation is one of the most time-consuming and tedious accounting tasks, so, by outsourcing this, you and your people get to focus more on core-related activities such as running the business and producing the products or services that your company offers. You can count on Bookkeeping Brandon, FL to independently work on your taxes on the back-end while you focus on establishing your brand’s façade.


To Get Access to Premium Software Systems


Investing in premium software or database is certainly doable, but the maintenance that comes with it might be too much for a business owner who has a lot on his plate. When you choose to entrust your taxes to Bookkeeping Brandon, FL, you do not only get access to skilled and competent professionals but also to software and database systems that are continuously upgraded and innovated. Such programs can guarantee more secure and safer storage of your company’s information. Unlike when you hire in-house accountants where you need to pay for installation and maintenance of such software when you outsource, all necessary systems and tools come with the package.


We, at Bookkeeping Brandon, FL, can organize your documents, maintain your books of accounts, perform bank reconciliations, manage your payroll, generate your financial statements, and yes, we can definitely prepare your tax statements and file your taxes for you. We always aim for accuracy and quality to put our clients at ease that their non-core business tasks, especially tax preparation and filing, are not being compromised. Let us know of your specific bookkeeping needs, and our experts can surely figure and present a package that is best suitable to address all those.