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Frequently Ask Questions

Digital accounting and virtual bookkeepers are confusing to understand if you don’t have any idea about these, especially if you only know in-house accountants or bookkeepers. 

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What does virtual accounting mean?

Virtual accounting is the process of recording and categorizing your business income and expenditure. However, this is done remotely as your accountants will be with you through the internet. This service is cost-effective, accurate, and flexible. Just make sure to find the best virtual bookkeeping who can give quality reports, just like us.

Do I need a virtual bookkeeper?

Maintaining your books whilst running your business can become a very time-consuming task. An excellent virtual bookkeeper can manage your accounting systems and produce for your vital decision, which is right for your business. By hiring a bookkeeper, you can rely on their expertise in accounting and expect that they will give you result accurately and fast.

What kind of businesses or companies can virtual accounting help, and how?

Virtual accounting and bookkeeping companies cater to all types of businesses. Whether it may be small, mid-size, or large enterprises and in the private or government sector, anyone can have our service. 

How is this done?

With the presence of technology and the internet, businesses can avail of our service. The only thing you have to worry about is sending us all of the pertinent information on time; our trained experts will take care of the rest.

We can report it to you via video call or update on your QuickBooks or other online hosting services. All delivery of information is scheduled at your preferred time. 

Should I invest in accountancy software?

Investing in accountancy software such as QuickBooks can be useful if you have had the right training. However, accounting software can be expensive, but when you are with us, this will be a burden off of your shoulders as we will have the required software. 

How much is the rate for virtual accountants?

Experienced bookkeepers tend to rate their work per hour. However, when outsourcing your accounts, there are firms that charge fixed fees for the work carried out. We at Accountants Brandon has a basic package fee that starts at the lowest price. This basic package includes bookkeeping and accounting tasks. However, our fee increases depending on the package you choose or the more specific tasks you want to be done.


Let us help you understand what our services can do and how you can avail us if you choose to be with us. Learn some from Accountants Brandon as we answer some commonly asked questions. 

We answered your common questions, and we hope that you learned a thing or two from us. We are happy that you spare some time to read our FAQ’s. If you still have questions we didn’t answer, feel free to chat or contact us. We are happy we can help you understand more about virtual bookkeeping or digital accounting.

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